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Boat Finance/Loans & Marine Insurance

We have extensive knowledge about financing both new and pre-owned sailboats.  We work with multiple finance agencies to get you the best possible financing options.  We also have several competitive sources for full coverage marine insurance.  Call (972)221-3000 for more info.

Boat Transport

For large sailboats, too big for you to trailer, we can coordinate exclusive transport of sailboats nationwide.  We ensure only very experienced, reputable transporters will deliver your sailboat to its destination safely.  We also arrange International deliveries of new and pre-owned sailboats. Contact us for a quote.

No Job Is Too Big or Small for Our  Team!

Boat Cradle Repairs

Fiberglass rudder Repair


We have a team of specialists, each with over 25 years experience, to repair any and all components of your sailboat from a tune-up on your outboard motor, to refinishing cabin woodwork, to making fiberglass repairs. Our extensive knowledge guarantees quality repairs by our team, or if required, referrals to our associates. Contact us today to receive a quote for any boat or outboard motor repair you need.


Maintaining your sailboat's upkeep ensures your boat's longevity and sustains its value. When you are ready to upgrade to a larger sailboat or newer model, a well maintained sailboat will get the best return on your investment. We can thoroughly inspect all aspects of your sailboat and make maintenance recommendations specific to your boat. Call us today to schedule a check-up for your sailboat.

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by La Vida Starships

Due to the nature of sailboats and boating, there always seems to be something that needs attention. La Vida Starships has always been involved in repairs and maintenance on almost every service possible for a sailboat. Please contact us with your local boat servicing need, and we will either personally help solve the issue or refer you to a competent local contractor skilled in resolving your boat's, or outboard motor's, specific issue. We have resources for almost any part you can imagine and the expertise to ensure that the job is done right.

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