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In May of 2012, NACRA reached the highest possible standard when the NACRA 17 was chosen by the world's elite sailors as the exclusive Olympic multihull sailboat.  Get your NACRA 17 now and you can be sailing just like our Olympians will be in the Rio de Jaineiro, Brazil, for the 2016 Olympics! La Vida Starships has been official North Texas NACRA dealer for over 30years.  Contact us now to order your new NACRA Catamaran Sailboat!

All school boats have to be designed to fulfil a certain sailing role. The Nacra 500 School is a “proper catamaran” compared to others.  She is modelled on the successful 500 with a Dacron boomless main and jib. Dacron sailcloth allows for the main to be reefed to permit sailing in a wide range of conditions, which is important, since new sailors in school are motivated to go sailing and do not want to hear that the wind conditions are not right.  Large buoyant hulls provides good ride for beginners enjoying sailing schools and camps.
The Nacra 500 Sport is the top of the line racing sailboat.  This catamaran sailboat is differentiated from other 500 by a larger battened MNX jib where the tack fits right down to the spinnaker pole which provides power lower down and increased drive with less heel. Sails are made by Performance Sails and built of MNX, a fibre reinforced monofilm that is a true modern material.

nacra 500 school

nacra 500 sport

The Nacra 500 is the ideal family craft for those who want simplicity and performance, the large buoyant hulls enables you to drive her across the waves in ease in most conditions. Large trampoline area means ample space for crew to sit in flat conditions or scramble from hull to hull as required in windy conditions..

nacra 500 fun

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